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Revision of pension of Karnataka state government employees as per 6th state pay commission

Revised basic pension and family pension for Karnataka government servants as per sixth state pay commission

Revision of pension of Karnataka state government employees as per 6th state pay commission

The Government of Karnataka issued notification regarding implementation of the recommendations of the sixth state Pay commission vide order No: FD 06 SRP 2018 dated 01.03.2018

The sixth pay commission constituted in G.O. No. FD 22 SRP 2017 dated 01.06.2017 has submitted its report ( First Volume ) on 31.01.2018

The recommendations of the 6th pay commission to revise minimum and maximum pension from existing Rs.4800 and rs.39900 to Rs.8500 and Rs. 75300 respectively and corresponding family pension from Rs.4800 and Rs.23940 to Rs,8500 and Rs. 45180 respectively are accepted.

The revised pension and family pension of government servants who have retired or died while in service prior to 01.07.2017 shall be fixed as follows

  1. Basic pension/family pension as on 01.07.2017
  2. Dearness Allowance of 25% as on 01.07.2017
  3. 30% of basic pension/family pension as on 01.07.2017

The total of a, b and c will be subject to a minimum of Rs.8500 per month for pension and family pension and maximum of Rs.75300 per month in respect of pension and Rs.45180 per month in respect of family pension

The Recommendations of the 6th state pay commission pertaining to grant of dearness allowance based on revised formula, revision of HRA and CCA in the revised pay scales, continuation of existing system of grant charge allowance at the rate of 7.5% of basic pay, enhancement of  Group Insurance Scheme contribution of employees, enhancement of DCRG limit to Rs.20.00 lakhs and extension of DCRG and family pension benefit to employees covered under New Pension scheme are accepted and separate orders/rules in this regard will be issued later.

Government are also pleased to extend the above benefits to the employees of the aided educational institutions, local bodies and non-teaching staff of universities

The increase in pay and allowances on account of the revision of scales of pay shall be payable in cash from 1.04.2018. in cases where a government servant has retired from service or died while in service or ceased to be in service during the period between 1.07.2017 to 31.03.2018, his pay fixed notionally in the revised scale of pay shall be taken into account for the purpose of calculation of pension/family pension. The monetary benefit shall however accrue to the retired government servant or the beneficiary of the deceased government servant with effect from 01.04.2018

Allocation of revised scales of pay and regulations of pay and pension therein will be governed by detailed rules, orders and instructions to be issued by government separately

Source: Government of Karnataka

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